Video Poker- Taking your game to the next level

Considered to be the crack cocaine of gambling, the video poker has been around since 1970. It’s burst to the scene and continued adoration stems from the setup of the game. Clearly, there was something special about video poker that sets it apart from the slot machines and even the more traditional poker.

Comparing Video Poker to Slot Machines

Granted, there are some similarities between both games. For example, the location of the game and the structure are quite similar. However, unlike slot machines where it is more or less based on chance, the video poker actually requires a bit of skill.

The Random Number Generator which is also known as RNG determines your first set of cards in the game. That is where luck or chance ends in this game. Thus, the final outcome is decided based on the skill set you have in this game.

Comparing Video Poker to Traditional Poker

With this game, the setting is drastically different. First, you actually play on the computer. This removes the need for cunning tricks. You cannot really lose when you have got a good hand. It requires so much more skill than traditional poker.

Playing Video Poker

Playing video poker will require you to find a video poker machine. Finding it is easy. It can usually be found close to slot machines when visiting casinos.

To pay for the game, you will have to place your bet. You can do this with bills. Also, paying with bills will give you some credits. With these credits, you can get some coins. We’ll explain how this works later.

What to consider when playing video poker

When playing the game, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Let us consider some of them.

  • Making your bet– you should expect to use about one to five coins when playing this game. Most video poker games can be found on slot machines. The number of coins that you use determines your earnings at the end of the day.
  • Max Bet and One Bet: when making a bet, you will usually find the max bet button and the one bet button. This allows you to vary the bets that you make. You can bet with five coins or you can choose to bet with just one coin. You can make this decision by pressing the button that indicates your choice.

The Royal Flush

The ultimate part of the video poker is the royal flush. You can enter this stage by playing all five coins. It is important to keep in mind that it can take a while to reach this stage (approximately 80 hours). It happens just once in every 40,000 hands that play.

Thus, it is recommended that you make sure you have a bankroll that can take the stretch. Most people have found it useful to use quarter machines first instead of their dollar counterparts. Also, remember that you might play a lot of hands but still not qualify. This is yet another element of luck.

When playing with the quarter machine, it might be a wise choice to keep a minimum of $1,000 ready. The difference between a quarter machine and a dollar machine is its price. With dollar machines, the recommended minimum is $5000.

Playing with a smaller bankroll is still possible. However, if you have the aim of making the royal flush, this will be your best shot.

Getting your best hand after a single draw

Once you put in your coins, you get five cards. The five cards are really familiar cards that are gotten from a 52 card set. Once your cards have been dealt, you’d find five buttons on the machine. These buttons give you complete control over these cards.

The options available to you will be to keep those cards, discard all or keep some. Fortunately, you get some help from the machines as to the cards to keep or play.

If you choose to discard or swap cards, your cards will be exchanged using the remaining 47 cards available. The aim or objective here is to make sure you have a great chance of getting the highest poker hand game.

This is easier as you aren’t really playing with another human. Once you feel that you are satisfied with the cards that you have, you can press the deal card. There’s also the option of the hold button. This discards the new cards you have chosen and returns you to the previous cards. Make sure that the buttons are not sticky. This can lead to large losses.

It is important to know the machine you choose to play video poker. Some of them include deuce wild and triple play. The machine you choose has the potential to affect your earnings. Your earnings will be paid in either coins or credits. To get your earning, just press out the cash out button.

Ensure you get the maximum payout in video poker

Of course, the aim here is to score big in video poker. Therefore, you probably want the maximum payout out there. This payout is indicated by a group of numbers that are separated using a slash.

The numbers will indicate the payout setting when you are playing in a full house setting and when you play in flush mode. The less payout you have, the more money you are going to spend from your bankroll.

Thus, finding the machines that have the highest payouts is a wise choice. Airports and other convenient stores will have the lowest payouts. You should probably avoid them.

You should also pay attention to short-pay and full-pay machines. Short-pay machines are variants that pay lesser than normal video poker machines. Some short-pay machines introduce progressive jackpots to cover up the deficit.

Progressive Video Poker Machines

Progressive machines are another option open to you. The more conventional machines are flat-tops. They come with fixed jackpots. Thus, the payout for the royal flush will also remain the same.

However, with progressive machines, the jackpots increase when you fail to hit the jackpot. As these jackpots grow during a losing streak, you can turn what was a losing game to a very profitable outcome.

The differences between both machines are a lot. Moreover, these differences give this game a unique feel at the end of the day.


Playing video poker is a great way to take time away from table games. While doing so, winning some extra coins and credits will surely not be a bad idea.

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