The Casino – Getting yourself familiarized

You’ll quickly realize you are in another dimension the moment you step into a casino. The bright lights, rich furnishings, and even the expensive attires worn by some high rollers will dazzle you. There is also the ever courteous staff that attend to you promptly and try to satisfy you. It’s like you are in some sort of fantasy land. 

People make large amounts of money on gambling in the casino. But the truth is that most of the money spent on gambling goes to the casino’s coffers. The environment in the casino is specially designed to attract people, keep them inside, and then gamble inside. The wonderland vibe you get from casinos is due to the millions of dollars spent on interior decoration by the management. 

In this article, we’ll be taking through typical casinos’ layouts so you can familiarize yourself with the environment. And you’ll not get dazzled or overwhelmed when you eventually step into a casino since you already know what to expect.

Knowledge Is Power In The Casino

Like we said earlier, everything about the casino is designed to attract you. Everything is bright, glittering, and beautiful. And this intensifies with every step you take further into the casino. Remember the aim here is to get you inside and keep you inside. 

When you get inside, you’ll see slot machines, card games and sounds of jackpot. All these can be a bit too much and overwhelm you. And frankly speaking, that’s the objective of the casino. Either they overwhelm you or entice you into opening your wallet and emptying it into their account. Whichever works. 

However, don’t be put off by all these shenanigans. Knowledge is power and since you already know the casino’s ploy to manipulate you, you’ll be able to keep a cool head and do things at your own pace. 

Therefore, and prepare yourself before going to the casino. Familiarize yourself with the environment and the people that run the place. All these and more are what you’ll be learning in this article. 

The Casino Maze: How To Navigate Successfully

The floor plans of casinos all over the world are very similar. Whether it is in Vegas, Monaco or any other part of the globe, the setup is technically the same. You may be wondering the reason for that. Well, it’s because casino owners know their customers well. Too well, if we are being honest here. Casino owners use the sophisticated interior designs to make gamblers relax and be comfortable with parting with their money. And you have to agree that’s a genius strategy. 

The key to maintaining control in the casino is preparation. The owners want you to gamble impulse without really thinking it through. So prepare yourself before you go to a casino. And when you get inside, keep calm, look around and take a deep breath. 

Getting In The Casino Is The Easy Part

Casinos strive to have as little as possible standing between you and your favourite game. To achieve this, most casinos have a lobby or foyer where you are first received the moment you step in. Then, you move in and find the destination or game suited for you. 

Note that the initial delay is no accident. Nah, it’s part of an elaborate marketing strategy to entice you. Even while you are waiting in the lobby, the lights and sounds work on your senses. And you’ll be eager to get in and gamble. 

Another smart strategy casino owners use is to ensure you walk through or close to the gaming area when you want to use the elevator or bathroom. 

Enticing Guests With Slot Machines 

We did an extensive article about slots and how to get familiar with them sometime back. Have a read to know more about the three arm bandits.  

Casinos also use slot machines to entice customers by placing the most profitable ones in easily accessed areas. You’ll find them in the foyer, bars and even restaurants. Remember most casinos are also hotels. So don’t get too surprised we are mentioning restaurants and bars. 

The same thing also happens in the gaming area as you’ll see profitable slot machines within reach. And people will swarm these machines with the hope of hitting a jackpot. 

The Table Games

Table games are usually positioned in the centre of the casino. They are the main attraction in the casino providing energy and vitality to the room. Non-players are treated to an exhibition as they get to watch the people playing. 

There are several table games that you can play at the casino. And they include Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat. 

If you’ve got the dough, there are exclusive betting tables that have high betting limits. You get VIP treatment and play on tables separated from the rest. 

The Casino Bar – Quiet Escape Or Not?

Bars are common sights in casinos. There could be a central bar or multiple bars dispersed across the floor. And it’s not unusual for each bar to have its own unique team. While some bars are full of energy and buzz due to featuring live music, there are also those that are fairly quiet. And this type of bar can offer you an escape from the action and flow of traffic. 

Alcohol also helps the casino’s cause as it lubricates their pockets. But casinos don’t want customers getting drunk and wasted. So they control the amount of alcohol each person can take. And this varies from casino to casino.

If you are the type that likes to take some alcohol now and then, do your research and choose casinos that have drinking policies that suit you. And there are servers at Casinos to take your order and bring your drink if you so desire. 

Cashing Out

A lot of transactions take place at the cashier’s cage. You can buy slot tokens here or redeem them for cash. Note that you can’t buy chips here. You have to buy them at the tables but you’ll still have to come to the cashier’s cage to convert them to cash. 

Cashier cages are easier to find. And the bigger the casino, the more number of cashier cages you’ll see. You also have the option of requesting for a cheque especially if your winnings are significant. 


From all we’ve discussed above, you can now see the need to prepare yourself before going to the casino. This will allow you to keep a level head and don’t gamble more than you planned to. 

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