Space Invaders and its Unbelievable Contribution to the Gaming World

Space Invaders
Space Invaders

For a time, the rush for the multi-player game reigned supreme in the history of gaming. It seemed to be insurmountable. However, a change was around the corner. For most gamers, it might have come as a surprise. However, the craze of the one player game soon spread to everyone. Also, this was solidified by the coming of the space invaders. It was surely the talk of the town.

How Single Player Games Started

We can trace the beginning of this sensation back to the introduction of the thirty-six defenders. The game depicts a player who tries to defend the earth against invaders using about three bunkers and a laser power.

What made this game so appealing apart from the gameplay would be its design. The game was crafted in a way that can be described as stunning. Hence, it came with two buttons that had the duty of moving the character about and the other for shooting.

Another reason why this game was attractive was the number of lives that a player had (3 lives for just 25 cents). For years, it held sway. That is, until the coming of the space invaders

Space Invaders- The game which broke all achievements

In 1979, the game space invaders invaded this earth and the record was an unparalleled success. Every kid who had an inkling of what the game was about wanted to play it. Everyone was interested in what this game had to offer. That curiosity and eagerness took just a little time before it reflected in the statistics.

Achievements of the space invaders

In 3 years, space invaders made more than $3 billion ($13 billion today after adding inflation). This means that on average, the game made more than $1 billion. Also, around the country and perhaps outside the country, there were more than four hundred thousand of them. Even today, there are very few standalone games that have been able to beat the record which was set by space invaders back them.

The most fascinating thing is that this game which is often described as astonishing was made by just one man. That man was Tomohiro Nishikado. In addition, when we say “created by one man”, we mean that in every sense of the word. Thus, he made every single part of the game all by him.Therefore, he can be described as a one-man squad in the very sense of the word. The concept of high score would follow the game and with it, the world of gaming would never be the same.

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