Slot Machines: Identifying The Different Types

By now, you already know about slot machines and how they work. If not, read the introduction on the ‘one-armed bandits’ here.

You might be familiar with traditional slot machines such as Double Diamonds, Red White and Blue and Blazing 7’s. However, advancement in technology means you get to interact with more interesting slot machines. 

There is an insatiable appetite for video slot machines by the public. And many modern slots’ designs reflect this. Slots now have interactive touch screens thereby improving players’ experience. 

The versatility of some slots means you can easily change the type of game with ease. However, watch out for any special quirks of the game as well as the payout schedules for the winning combinations. 

One of the reasons slot machines are popular is because anyone can play them. No strategy needed. And now, we’ll be talking to you about the different types of slot machines you can encounter in a casino. 

Increasing Wager With Multiplier

Your aim when playing slots is very clear. And it’s to have three symbols in a line. Have cherry, cherry and cherry on a line, or any other symbol and you can call yourself a winner. 

You can play from one to five credits on most slot machines. And the more credits you play, the more you are increasing your wager. Also, the payout is proportional to the number of credits. Let’s assume hitting three cherries pay you $30 when you play a coin. Then, you get $60 for 2 coins and $90 for three coins.  And the same math applies to four and five credits. 

Now, the type of slots that makes betting juicier is the bonus multiplier. And what it essentially does is to offer you a bonus when you play maximum credits and win. Back to the above example of getting $30 per credit. A bonus multiplier will pay you $30 for a coin, $60 for two, $90 for three, $120 for four but $300 for five!

That’s twice the normal payout. Bonus multipliers are designed to make players wager the maximum number of coins. So whenever you are playing a bonus multiplier, always wager the maximum credit to take advantage of the juicy bonus. 

Multiple Paylines Slot Machines

Multiple paylines is a feature available on both traditional and modern slot machines. And they pay on lots of different lines. The lines are usually straight or zig zag patterns on the screen. 

You pick a line (up, down, diagonal) and bet on it. You can also bet on more than one line. And for you to win, the machine has to display a winner on the line you picked. If the machine displays a winner on another line, you don’t win. Try again, eh?

Multiple payline is usually found on Penny and Nickel machines which are very common in casinos. 

Theme Slot Machines 

The slot machines are usually linked to popular TV shows, movies, cartoons, popular games e.t.c. A Beverly HillBillies themed slot machine is sure to attract loyal fans of the show. 

Our sincere advice about themed slot machines? Stay away from them. Why? Because they usually have bad odds. Why? Because the casino must pay part of the revenues from a themed machine to the celebrity concerned. You know, image rights and all those stuff. 

Working the Progressive slot

You’ll find progressive slot machines grouped together. And there’s always an overhead tally displaying the jackpot. And these machines can be linked to slots in one or multiple casinos. 

The jackpot is usually determined by a small percentage of the wager put in each machine in the group. And the jackpot gradually increases whenever someone uses the machine in the group. 

Most people are torn between playing on a regular slot or using a progressive. But your goal is what will actually influence your choice. 

If you want to win a modest sum, then you should use regular machines because of your improved chances of winning a small jackpot on it. But if you want to go for glory, like most of us anyway, then use a progressive machine. But note that it’s not so easy to win on a progressive machine. 

Interactive Slot Machines

Interactive machines are among the most popular slot machines in casinos. They are fast, mesmerizing and fun to play. Also, manufacturers get the opportunity to showcase more creativity with these machines. 

You progress across levels as you play on interactive machines. The levels become more challenging as you progress and the payout increases.

But the real fun is in the bonus rounds. And every player tries to get there. In bonus rounds, the reels disappear and animated characters appear on the screen. You click on these characters to reveal credits hidden inside them. But the moment you click on a character with no credit, the bonus round ends. 

The amount of money you win in bonus rounds depends on the number of coins you play. So always try to play the maximum coins. You can also get bonus spins during bonus rounds. Bonus spins can double or triple your winnings. Yeah, you read right. And you can also win free games. 


Now you know the different types of slot machines and what to expect from them. Whenever you are playing, always bet the maximum credits! Always, every time, every session. 

A player named Kirk Tolman missed the opportunity to make life-changing money in 2001. After somehow managing to get three symbols to align on a machine, Mr Tolman won $10,000. You thinking, ‘not bad, right!’

Well, it’s very bad. Tolman played 2 credits instead of the max of 3 available on the machine. Apparently, he was distracted by a friend when playing. 

Had he played three credits, he would have won a whooping sum of $7.96million. You see the massive and insane difference one more credit can make? We’ll say no more. 

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