Slot Machines: Getting a Handle on the Odds

This is the last article in our slot machines series. By now, you should be familiar with slot machines and the different types. If not, check out our article on the introduction and different types of slots

Now let’s get started. In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to get a handle on slot odds. Why? Because you need to understand the odds before you put a quarter, penny or nickel into a machine.

Generally, the payout of slot machines is usually in the range of 90 to 95 per cent. So let’s assume you put $100 in a slot. You’ll get an amount between $90 to $95. And that means you make a loss of between $5 and $10. 

The loss may not seem much to you. But consider the fact that games are played very quickly. And you’ll clearly see why casinos are making a lot of money from slots. 

Now, you definitely want to play on slot machines that give you the best odds. And you should check out websites like one for the latest information on slots’ payout. You also get information about the odds of winning per game played. As per reports, nickel slots have the worst odds while $1 and $5 slots have the best odds. 

Stretching Your Money on Slot Machines 

There are different types of slot machines in casinos. And you might have a hard time deciding which one to play. But one thing is sure, you want a machine with the highest return. And that’s a bit tricky. 

This is because your returns aren’t totally determined by the jackpot. You also have to factor in the winning combinations and how often they hit.  

You can’t change your odds of winning. We’ve covered that in previous articles. But you can make your money last longer and maximise your entertainment. How? Stay tuned. 

How to Read the Paytable on Slot Machines?

The paytable is usually found on the top glass of slot machines. And it provides key information such as winning combinations, amount of coins required and so on. Before you play on a machine, take a second to go through the paytable. 

A higher paytable on a slot machine usually means more symbols on each reel. And with that comes an increase in the odds. 

However, note that more symbols or reels don’t make a machine better or worse. There’s more chance of winning on slot machines with lesser symbols but the jackpot will be lower. 

Which Type of Slot Machines Should you Play?

Well, this depends on you. If you want a machine that spins faster, then go for the traditional three-reel machine. Due to their speed, you can play several games in an hour. And that means more opportunities to lose money. Sorry, but we gotta break it to you. 

Video machines have bonus rounds and aren’t as fast as the three-reel models. But it’s good. You stretch your money and enjoyment. Win win. 

Choosing the Denomination to bet on Slot Machines

The rule about slot machines denomination is simple – The higher the denomination, the higher your potential payback. 

As we said earlier, return varies among machines. It’s not unusual to see casinos saying their slot machines have payouts of 97 per cent. But hey, what they actually mean is that some of their machines have payouts up to 97 per cent. And they don’t single those machines out so there’s no way to identify them.

A dollar machine has a payout of about 95 per cent compared to the 90 per cent of a nickel slot. But the truth is that you lose less money with a nickel machine because you are actually risking less money with each spin. 

New machines such as multibet and multipayout can cost you more money than normal machines. Same with max betting. Betting the maximum credits can make you lose money faster. 

Hitting an Empty Casino

We bet you usually go to the casino in the evening. A lot of people do and that’s why casinos are always full in the evenings. But if you want some peaceful playing time in a casino, then you should go just before dawn.

You’ll have to be a light sleeper to wake up at that time of the morning. If not, you’ll still be in bed like us. 

Playing full Credits on Progressive Machines

Get a pen and write this down. Whenever you are playing a progressive slot machine, always play the maximum credits. Why? Because your payout largely depends on you hitting the jackpot with maximum credits. 

If you don’t have the money to play maximum credits, simply use another type of machine. And we must say maximum credits can drain your bankroll quickly. 

How to maximise Your fun on Slot Machines

We are a bit sceptical about slot machines. Let’s face it, you have to pay a high price to have fun on them. But there is something captivating about the humming sound slots make. And they are also easy to play. 

So if you are addicted to slots, the following tips will enhance your playing experience. 

√ Don’t enter the casino with your myths and superstitions. Yeah, drop them at the door of the casino. Myths and superstitions won’t do you any good. 

√ Do some investigative work. Okay, Sherlock Holmes, you need to find slot machines with the best paybacks before you leave your house. Subscribing to casino player magazine may make your work easier. 

√ Stay within your means. Don’t play a game you don’t understand or stake more than you planned. 

√ Be realistic: Your chances of hitting a jackpot may be worse than that of you getting abducted by an alien. No kidding. 

√ Slow down. Enjoy your game. Don’t rush. The more you rush, the more you lose money. 

√ Double-check your payouts. You definitely want to be paid in full when you win a big jackpot. 

Also, it’s important you always go to the casino with your ID as you may need it to cash out big wins. 

Improving Your Slotside Manners

Slotside manners is real, pal. You need to know the do’s and don’ts of a slot machine etiquette so you can’t be at peace with your neighbour next slot. And how do you do that? We’ll tell you. 

Saving a Slot Machine

It’s not unusual for people to save slot machines in casinos. People usually save machines when they take a quick break. The maximum time you can save a machine varies from casino to casino. 

But it’s important you find out if a machine has been saved before you start playing. Believe us, you do not want to incur the wrath of using a machine that’s already been saved. 

It gets more interesting if you hit a jackpot. The person who reserved the machine can go completely bananas. 

Double Trouble: Using two Slot Machines at the Same Time

Some people take slots so seriously they play on two slot machines at the same time. They go back and forth between the two machines trying to hit a jackpot. 

And if you approach one of their machines thinking it’s free, they will quickly correct that notion with a cold stare. Welcome to the world of slots. 

Minding Your Manners

Slot is a one-player game. But you have to mind your manners so peace can reign in the casino. And everybody will gamble happily thereafter. Here are quick tips on how to be a friendly gambling neighbour. 

√ Stay out of the way if you are not playing. You can watch, no problem. But don’t get in their way. 

√ Handle slot cards you find in machines with care. It belongs to someone, don’t put it in the trash. Put in on the machine. Chances are that the person is already on the way back for it. 

√ Don’t sulk on your neighbours’ jackpots. It’s not a competition. Be happy for them. 

Playing for Comps

Casinos generally encourage people to play more by offering incentives such as comped meals, cashbacks and a lot more. 

But be careful when playing for comps. The offers might entice you so much you spend more than you want to. Our candid advice? Don’t play for comps. Stay within your budget. 

But hey, if a freebie comes your way, enjoy it!

How to Take Advantage of the Comps?

Modern casinos use club cards to keep tabs on how often and how much you bet. And the more you bet, the more club points you accumulate. 

And it’s beneficial to have a club card because you can redeem your points for comps. Who doesn’t like comps?

Should you Sign up for a Slot Club?

Casinos have slot clubs. And they encourage new players to join. Registration is very fast and usually doesn’t require more than an ID. Then, you are issued a club card. 

You use your club cards to play and how much and how long you bet is automatically tracked. It’s possible to request more than one card especially if you want to give the other one to your spouse or someone else. 

Cashing in on Cash Rebates

Free cash isn’t all you can get from casinos. You can also get free cash through cashback programs. 

Your potential cashback is calculated using a point system. The more you play, the more points you accumulate. And you can get double or triple points on some days. When you finally reach the target point, you can receive your cash the same day. Or you will be paid on your next trip to the casino. 

And we are done with our series of articles on the ‘one-armed bandits’. It’s been a hell of a ride. Have any thoughts, tell us in the comment section below. 

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