Jacks and Better- The Secret to Scoring Big

What’s the best way to start on a winning streak with video poker? That question has been asked repeatedly by many rookies in the game. The answer to that question is Jacks or Better.

Jacks and Better has been around for quite a while. It’s been around as long as video poker has been. The name describes the very essence of winnings in the game. You must have at least a pair of jacks before you can cash out.

Jacks and Better- Calculating the earning margins

Jack and better is fun to play. The icing of the cake is that its payout is also very good. You can expect to see some of the best odds out there in most casino halls.

The estimated earning is about 99%. However, this depends on the strategy you used and if it is successful. The payout margins are also helped by cashback programs that are present in most casinos. It ensures that you at least break even when cashing out.

The ultimate payout is again the royal flush. The royal flush when playing with your 5th coin offers you at least $1000. It is important to note that the higher the ranking of the hands played, the better positioned you will be to get a higher payout.

The jackpot potential of this game is higher than most. We recommend that you always play five coins when aiming for the royal flush.

Looking for an easy way to break even? Just inserting a single coin into the machine can get you two jacks. That’s just enough to break even.

Building your Ultimate Strategy

One of the most popular strategies people used with jacks or better is following their guts. Not a good strategy I must say. This game is quite enjoyable but complex. If not played well or the right strategy adopted, you can lose a lot of money.

The quest to find the right strategy is made easy by the absence of a physical opponent. It is easier then to find the right strategy for every hand you play.

You have two options or strategies you can target. You can either choose to use the simplified strategy or you can choose to also get a strategy card and keep with you throughout the game.

The Simplified strategy of Jacks and Better

This strategy was founded by Michael Shackleford. This strategy emphasizes accuracy. It focuses on finding the hands that rank highest and playing your biggest cards following those hands.

The high cards will usually be Jacks or Queens. It can also be Aces or Kings. 2-10s qualifies as lower hands. It is also important to understand the meaning of inside straight and outside straight.

An inside straight can usually be identified by the presence of a hole in the middle. 7s are perfect examples. An outside straight is usually described as open-ended. The Queen card is a good example.
Understanding how to use the simplified strategy will result in a game built on accuracy.

Coping with the mundane hands

Coping with the mundane hands
Certain tips can help you deal with mundane hands and playing Jacks and Better. Let’s have a look at some of them

• Try to avoid having three cards to a regular flush. This should also be followed if you are dealing with a regular straight

• Once you have four cards to a royal flush, it’s always a good idea to draw to the royal flush. The jackpot potential as earlier discussed is significantly higher with this game.

• To avoid the issue of diluted earning, playing maximum coins is always a great idea

• Never break up a high pair. The only exception is when you have a four to a royal flush.

It is important to always remember to stay calm when things aren’t going your way. Most people lose focus and play to the winds when the losses come.

It is important to stick to a strategy at all times. Things always turn out better. To get better at your strategy, you can practice at home regularly.

Deuces Wild- An alternative to Jacks and Better

If you want a break from jacks and better, then Deuces wild is a good option. This game makes use of the traditional card decker (52 cards). As the name suggests, things can get a little freaky in this game.

Cards in this game is very similar to a joker card. This gives them the best value for that particular hand. Three of a kind when played can get you a coin. It is also important to know that the wild nature of the game means that the payout can change without any prior warning.

First, make sure you always have a five of the kind when playing
NEVER throw away a deuce. Also, remember high pairs are very important
A single king or ace is of no use to you. So don’t keep it.

The main difference between this game and Jacks and Better is its volatile nature. You are more likely to lose your payouts here than in jacks and better.

Multi-play with Jacks and Better

This version of the game gives you the ability to play more than one game at once. This can be quite tricky especially if you are using the triple play version.

With the triple play versions, you can play at least 3 different hands at once. This version can be played with both sets of games.

There are some drawbacks to the triple play version. You can lose money and fast. Because you play with three separate hands, the maximum loss triple.


Playing these games can be a great way to earn some bucks. However, ensure that you have a good knowledge of the machine you are using. This can either make or break your earning potential.

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