Gambling Manners 101: Getting started

Knowing as much as possible about the games in the casino increases your chances of winning. But having proper gambling manners is equally important. Yes, we know you want tips. We know you want to learn more about the different games in the casino. However, you also need your gambling manners if you want your experience in the casino to be more pleasant.

The manners we are talking about here starts from your dressing to how you interact with other players and staff. The casino itself is a community on its own and you need to know the code of conduct. This will allow you to fit in. You can read our article about the casino environment and how to familiarize yourself with it

Gambling manners start from dressing

The first code of conduct in a casino is to know how to dress. Casinos come to life at nights and most people show up in their formal wear.  Everywhere you look, you’ll see sharply dressed ladies and gentlemen. Now that’s people with proper gambling manners, right?

Still, you don’t need to overdress. Just wear outfits you’d choose when going to a nice party or symphony in the evening. For guys, jackets, good shoes, and nice shirts will do the trick. Most ladies wear dresses, slacks, fancy tops, and so on. The idea is to appear presentable. You are not going to work, so don’t be too formal. This isn’t a funeral, so don’t be too gloomy. Have fun with your outfits. That’s gambling manner one for you. 

Before we go further, we must mention that some casinos allow you to dress casually. But don’t dress down too much if you don’t want to feel out of place. 

Gambling Manners Include Smoking Manners?

People that smoke will definitely like to have a puff while playing. And the good news is that casinos allow you to smoke throughout their public areas. You can even smoke in the casino by sitting at tables where it’s permitted. And if you find yourself on a non-smoking table, you can tap into your gambling manners and ask fellow players if it’s okay to light a cig. 

Nowadays, casinos are restricting smoking more and more. If you’d like to enjoy a cigarette when gambling, do your research. Visit only casinos that allow you to smoke. And you can talk to the staff to know more about the casino’s smoking policies. 

How Much Should You Drink?

Casinos encourage you to drink. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and lets you bet more and take more risk. Having proper gambling manners means controlling the amount of alcohol you take. You don’t just tend to lose more money when you are drunk. You’ll also have more trouble keeping your emotions in check. And this can lead to trouble with other players, dealers, and even casino security. 

Be sure to take some form of identification along. This is because casinos may ask for proof of age before serving alcohol. 

Taking your gambling manners to your table

The tables are where you really have interaction with other people in the casinos. As a result, you need to take your gambling manners with you there. Following the casino’s code of conduct will make the experience more enjoyable for all participants. 

Before you join a table or play any game, be sure you understand the rules. It’s not unusual for popular games to have different variations or rules across casinos. Usually, there’s a printed card with the rules at the tables. Also, check the minimum and maximum betting limit of a table before joining. 

You’ll also show your proficiency in gambling manners if you inquire if there’s a position from occupied tables. It’s possible that someone might have gone to use the restroom. 

There are usually a number of rules at the table. Be sure to follow them all. 

Do you give gratuities to dealers and others?

Giving tips is a topic gamblers and gambling authors may not be too keen to discuss. But it all depends on why you are at the casino. Some people see gambling as fun or entertainment. And that has made giving tips kind of customary and part of proper gambling manners. Even the casino staff depend on gambling to supplement their income. 

Tipping your dealer

You just won at whatever game you were playing. Being someone with good gambling manners, you want to tip your dealer. So here comes the question. How much should you tip? Actually, there’s no standard about how much to tip. Usually, how much you tip should depend on your winnings.

Tips do not go directly to dealers. This is to eliminate any incentive to cheat on behalf of players. Instead, tips are pooled together and later distributed to the dealers. 

The ultimate gambling manner – Do not cheat

Some of you might already be making a face and saying ‘Why would we cheat?’ Normally, cheating will not be on your mind. But when you start playing regularly, the temptation to cheat may arise once or twice. Our advice? Kill that thought instantly. If you are caught, you are going to jail. 

Casinos also take precautions and invest in technology to prevent cheating. The house can’t cheat you, so all you need to do is to come with your gambling manners. 


Now you know how to behave in a casino. These gambling manners will make your time at the casino more enjoyable. Losing can be very frustrating but it’s essential you keep your composure. 

So the next time you go to the casino, we expect you to be at your best gambling behavior. 

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