Gambling Hotspot? – Top Ten Cool Places To Gamble

Gambling hotspots – Top ten cool places to gamble You’ll notice subtle changes in rules as you move from casino to casino. This changes may sometimes have a not-so-subtle effect on your gambling experience. One of the things you have to consider when choosing a place to gamble is the destination itself and the legislation in the area. If you are looking for a gambling hotspot or cool places to gamble, then you are at the right place.

A casual gambler isn’t going to notice much difference between casinos. But differences do exist among casinos especially when it comes to non-gambling amenities. You’ll enjoy tons of fun when you visit the places I’ll be talking about below. However, I must mention that some of these places may not be open 24 hours a day. So you may have to check their opening hours before visiting. 

Gambling Hotspot 1 – Enter Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, needs no introduction when it comes to casinos and gambling.  Here, gambling is done in style and Lady Luck reigns supreme, punishing and rewarding gamblers alike. I also like there are other places you can have fun apart from casinos when you are in Vegas. The city is more than a gambling hotspot. You can visit the Bellagio which is popular for fountains that blast water high into the air. There is also the Venetian where you can meander around canals and experience the European elegance. 

With the ultimate lodging experience provided here, Vegas ranks first on my list of top ten cool places to gamble. 

Gambling Hotspot 2 – Presenting the Atlantic City 

When you consider the easy access from major East Coast cities like New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, then Atlantic City becomes an appealing choice. Ever since the introduction of gambling in the region in the 1970s, the numbers of casinos have only increased making the city a legit gambling hotspot. You may or may not be happy to know that Donald Trump has graced no less than three casinos here with his mighty presence. 

There are also activities you can participate in after you have finished offering your money to the gods of gambling. You can decide to check out the Piers at Caesars for some high-end shops like Gucci and the likes. If this does not interest you, you could decide to go dolphin watching on the white sands of Brigantine Beach. 

Gambling Hotspot 3 – Touring Tahoe and Raho

There aren’t many places more majestic than Lake Tahoe in the USA if you ask me. There is the beautiful sunshine, dazzling blue lake, beautiful alpine forests and the fairytale-like snow-capped mountains. I particularly like the South Shore which is on the Nevada part of the city. Gambling is legal here and the nice blend of entertainment and nightlife makes the region a true gambling hotspot.

There are no shortages of activities to do during the day. You can go hiking, mountain biking, boating, and skiing. Then you hit the casinos at night. If you are up for a little drive, you could travel to Reno. There are a number of cool casinos here. They aren’t as big as their counterparts in Vegas but they are moiré comfortable and cosier. I particularly recommend Sparks Nugget which combines top-notch restaurants with great casino games. We can’t have you gambling on empty stomach, right?

Cruising the High Seas

Cruises are one of the most popular and affordable vacation options available in the USA. And you’ll find some sort of casino on a cruise. Some are small and modest while others are large and surprisingly sophisticated. Cruise lines generally sail to international waters to obey gambling regulations. But the entertainment and fun here are reminiscent of what you’ll get in Las Vegas. And that’s exactly what makes cruise lines gambling hotspots.  Ports in Florida can be found in Key Largo, Jacksonville, Hollywood, Tampa Bay area, and so on. I must mention that the odds in most cruise casinos aren’t so great. However, some cruise casinos still offer good odds. Take for instance the Norwegian Cruise Lines.

How About ‘Rolling on the River or Lake’

Despite the devastating damage of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf of Mississippi, the gambling industry has persevered and is once again welcoming tourists. You won’t find any paddleboat here because most riverboats never leave the dock. In fact, most riverboats aren’t even on the Mississippi River. Casinos have popped up all over the region making the place a good gambling hotspot. 

I would like to recommend Resort Casino and Hotels which is one of the best clubs in the region. You’ll find a good selection of table games and nothing less than 2000 slot machines here. 

Checking out Native American Casinos

The Supreme Court Ruling in 1987 that declared that tribal lands aren’t subjected to state rules was shocking to the gambling industry. However, this shock didn’t last long as steps were taken to establish casinos on several tribal lands. With over 400 tribal casinos in the US, the regions can be classified as a gambling hotspot. 

I’ve seen people reluctant to visit Native American casinos but I’ve always had a good time in all the tribal casinos I’ve visited. True, they re not as classy as las Vegas’ but you get a friendlier and small-town vibe when you visit tribal casinos. 

A Trip to Connecticut

You’ll find two massive casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. These two casinos make the region a good gambling hotspot. Foxwoods is considered to be the largest casino in the world. Here, the slots are easily in the thousands while table games number in the hundreds. Not far behind is the Mohegan Sun which also features numerous slots, table games, and restaurants. There is also a spa, daycare, and an arcade. 

You are bound to have lots of fun when you visit Connecticut. It’s among the smallest states in the US but these two monster casinos make it a place to visit. 

Trying your Luck In California 

Gambling is now big business in California with so many superb casinos and gigantic card rooms. The region has now become a gambling hotspot in its own right. And residents no longer have to go all the way to Vegas to gamble. 

You should check out the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino. This top-notch facility features a stylish hotel, a golf course and a casino. Most of the action in this area takes place at the Barona as expected.  There are also a number of cool casinos in Los Angeles but card games flourish more here. 

Exploring The Caribbean For Hidden Treasures

There are a number of casinos scattered across many islands like Aruba, Bahama, Puerto Rio, and the likes in the Caribbean. The Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas happens to be the cream of the crop. Here, you have an amazing view of stunning beaches, beautiful man-made waterfalls, lagoons, and much more. You’ll also find the biggest casino in the Caribbean here. 

I like that many Caribbean casinos allow you to bet in dollars. Also, you won’t have to fill a  W2G form when you win big since you are in a foreign country. This doesn’t apply in Puerto Rico though. 

Joining The Jet Set

If you want something entirely different, you may decide to go overseas. The first destination that comes to people’s mind is Monaco. Now, Monaco has about four casinos in total with the most popular one is the Monte Carlo which is a true gambling hotspot. You are guaranteed to have tons of fun here. 

If you want something outside gambling, then you could take a look at the world-class film festival. Boating, auto racing, and beaches. 

That’s all about the top ten cool places to gamble. Visit any of these places for a redefined gambling experience. 

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