Four Different Types of Gamers

Four Different Types of Gamers
Four Different Types of Gamers

Designing video games is a challenging task, whether you are creating a new one or adding a spin to the older one. There are so many things to look out for. Moreover, it’s not about the game; it’s about gamers. If you know or get what the gamers want or how they work, then you will be a great game designer. Generally, there are four types of gamers. These are

  • The Doer
  • The Wanderer
  • The Socializer
  • The Destroyer

1. The Doer

The doers are the gamers who spend an infinite number of hours in completing the games. The doers try to complete impossible tasks. They feel proud of their accomplishments and love to share their experiences with their friends. They love to show off, whether online, in a game, or real life. These gamers will boast about their accomplishments given a chance. So, the question is, what do the doers want? Well, badges, top-rating, and impossible tasks, and then they will try to ‘do’ them.

2. The Wanderer

The wanderers are the gamers who most often like to play single-player games. Similar to their name, they want to wander or find secrets such as what’s behind the door, eager to find out what’s on the terrace, etc. These are like school kids who generally start the conversation with ” Guess who I saw last night? If you want to arouse the interest of these gamers or make these gamers happy, you have to add some mystery, inside jokes, or you can even leave a minor glitch. Don’t worry; they will happily find the glitch and take your game apart in doing so. Moreover, there are chances that they will even build the game back up for you. That is precisely how the wanderers work.

3. The Socializer

The socializers are gamers who like to interact with other players. So, if you want to build a gaming community for your game, then you need to get the socializers. Usually, they encourage their opponents. They appreciate the right play and actually mean it. Suppose you score a fantastic goal in FIFA, then they will say “Nice Goal.” Therefore, you must have enough downtime during the game to get them involved and chatty in the game. And, if you do that, they will love you for it. Furthermore, they will tell their real friends about the game, meaning more people are checking your game out.

4. The Destroyer

The destroyers, as their name says it, like to destroy and dominate. They love to beat and crush their competition. They will beat you, and then give you another chance to play so that they can beat you even harder than before. The destroyers are also called griefers because they love to ruin your gaming experience. However, the destroyers are the easiest to appeal. You give them a chance to destroy and dominate, and they will come running.

So, do you think you can create a game for these four types of gamers, or does your favorite game appeal to any of them? And, most importantly, which type of gamer are you?

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