Classrooms and Video Games

Classrooms and Video Games
Classrooms and Video Games


With the popularity of video games soaring, it was only a matter of time before the use of video games in the classrooms. In the UK, one of the most popular video games which teachers try to integrate is “Myst”. One teacher Tim Rylands was heavily rewarded for his ability to combine video games and the learning experience. He achieved this by ensuring that students took note of what they observed while playing these games.

Tim Rylands is a teacher in a school where the maximum age of a child is 12.However, these students have shown great signs of improvements and have come out top in test scores held nationally. While the average achievements for boys in Level Four is 70%, his students have consistently scored 100%. That is an incredible statistic.

Integration of video games into classrooms in the United States

The results of integrating this concept into classrooms are not only in use in the UK. In the United States, it is now firmly a tool in schools. Some of the reasons for this is the improvements in areas such as creativity and logical thinking.

While it is clear that games in classrooms are here to stay, video games have been around for quite a while. For example, the very first game which was used in academic institutions is Oregon Trail. This game was created in 1970s and was actually a game founded on texts. Also, this game focuses on history and sought to educate the students on various eras in American history. Another game which would also be fondly remembered would be “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”. This game was much more fun. It depicts a world chase where you had to catch the thief. This game strived to help the students learn about various geographical areas while having fun. That is very creative indeed.

Strategy video games

Another category of games which is becoming quite popular would be strategy games. This form of game helps to teach while ensuring that students have better control of the simulation. Games such as “Empire Earth” and “Zoo Tycoon” are prime examples.


It is clear that integrating video games into learning gives you a sharp surge of creativity in the classrooms and among the students. There is so much to learn these days and with games, it suddenly seems to be a lot of fun.

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