Casino’s Employees – Meeting The Cast Of Characters

In our previous article, we talked extensively about casinos and their general layouts. The aim is to educate you so you can get familiarized with the exotic environment before stepping inside. This article is about the casino’s employees.

We’ll be talking about the various staff you’ll encounter in the casino. The casino’s employees, as you’d expect, have different titles and responsibilities. And their dress code varies from casino to casino. 

The goal of the employees is to cater to all your needs and provide an overall positive experience. They are top-notch professionals who have been well trained. And they treat you with the utmost respect, making you feel like a king. 

As may have figured out, the casino benefits from having its staff treat you well. You are likely to stay longer and well, spend more!

Casino’s Employees In The Pit

We can divide the casino into two parts based on the responsibilities of the staff. There’s the area where slot machines are placed. And the other area is reserved for table games such as blackjack and roulettes. 

The casino’s employees in the pit can be divided into three categories – The Pit bosses, Floorpersons, and dealers. 

The Pit bosses

The pit bosses are assigned into various pits and their job is to oversee the entire operations where they are assigned. They usually dress in elegant attire and they have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the game. Also, they supervise other employees working in the pit. 

You won’t have much contact with pit bosses. However, they intervene when there is a serious dispute. They also manage the emotions in the casino as winning or losing huge amounts can cause supercharged emotions.


They are also among the casino’s employees working in the pits. And they report directly to the pot bosses. They oversee the affairs of the tables in the pit. Floorpersons dress and even act like pit bosses. The only way you can really tell them apart from pit bosses is by asking. By working closely with pit bosses, the floorpersons ensure that everything runs smoothly. And they also ensure guests follow proper casino procedure. 


These are the people running the show at the tables. And they are one of the most important casino’s employees. Generally, dealers must have excellent service skills. That’s why dealers always are polite, courteous, and always smiling. Since the gamblers have different personalities, dealers must be able to work under high pressure. Also, they must be confident in their gambling knowledge. 

Dealers have no control over the outcome of the games. But a good dealer will improve your gambling experience. Actually, dealers prefer customers win as they usually get tips from the winners. 

Casino’s Employees At The Slots

Slot machines are hot cakes in casinos. In fact, about two-thirds of casinos’ profit comes from slot machines. You can read our introductory article to slot machines here

There are usually a lot of slot machines in casinos due to how lucrative they are. And that’s specific casino’s employees oversee the affairs of the slots. These employees are the slot supervisors and slot attendants.

The slot attendants know all there is to know about the casino’s slot machines. They are there for you in case you have any issues with a machine or simply want to ask a question. And their uniforms make them easy to spot. 

Slot supervisors rule supreme in the realm of slot machines. And the slot attendants report directly to them. They supervise the attendants and make sure the machines are in good condition. Normally, you will have absolutely no contact with slot supervisors. But should you win a big jackpot that can’t be paid in coins, you’ll find yourself crossing paths with a slot supervisor. 

Management Employees

There are some casino’s employees that are tasked with the success of the house. And one of the casino’s management employees you’ll quickly come in contact with is the casino host. The primary job of the casino host is to provide you with service. As much as you require. Service, service, and more service. 

Casino hosts welcome VIP guests and see to all their needs. But even low rollers can have good relationships with casino hosts. For that to happen, you’ll have to join the casino club. And always make sure to play with your club card. Introduce yourself to the host and ask the hosts if there are benefits you qualify for. Overall, casino hosts want you to be a loyal customer. And they make sure to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. 

All the casino’s employees ultimately report to the shift manager. The shift managers report to the casino manager, who is the head of the house. You won’t find the casino manager on the floor of course. But your paths may just cross if you win enough money to buy the casino. 

Casino’s Employees Tasked With Security

Casinos nowadays take up city blocks as they are more than gambling houses. Modern casinos have five-star hotels, bars, restaurants, ATMs, and nightclubs. There are even gift shops, theme parks, and even theatres. And this is why casinos take security very seriously. The casino’s employees tasked with this are the security personnel. 

And the primary function of the security personnel is to protect the casino’s property as well as the guests. They do this by monitoring surveillance cameras and patrolling the floors. The security personnel is always on the lookout for fights, thieves, and drunks.

They also keep an eye on other casino’s employees. Employees have collaborated with gamblers to carry out cheating scams so many times in the past. Security personnel are easy to identify as they usually wear attire with ‘SECURITY’ written boldly on it. They also carry walkie talkie, badges, and guns.

Surveillance – Eyes Everywhere!

Casinos install dozens of cameras to monitor all the activities going on in the house. Some cameras are prominent, serving as a warning to potential thieves and cheats. While others are hidden and placed in places you’d least expect. The security staff then monitor the cameras from various monitors. 

Surveillance has saved casinos from losing millions of dollars to cheats and cons. But the surveillance is also for the safety of the players. Surveillance also protects honest gamblers from crooks. And the cameras installed in the parking garages also help keep customers safe. 

Take Charge Of Your Own Safety

Casinos have stringent security measures to keep you safe. The casino’s employees are also at your beck and call, ready to serve you. But at the same time, you must take your security into your own hands. 

Always make sure you tuck your wallet into your front pocket or where it’s hard for an intruder to access. Guide your chips and tokens. Also, do not disclose any personal information and be wary of over-friendly people. 

Lastly, get your drinks straight from the cocktail servers. And always keep your big jackpots to yourself. 


As you can now see, the casino’s employees are there to attend to your needs. Also, they make your trip to your casino worthwhile and provide an enjoyable gambling experience. 

However, do not get carried away with being treated like royalty and spend more than you planned to. 

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