Becoming an Online Gambler: The Beginner’s Guide

Over the past decade, online gamblers have risen exponentially. By 2020, the online gambling industry is estimated to be worth an average of $60 billion. Becoming an online gambler is one sure way of being part of it.

Generally, we classify new online gamblers into four categories.
This is depending on their initial interactive behavior with the gambling industry.
By knowing where you fall, you will get the much-needed head start in the online gambling adventure.

The Four Types of a New Online Gambler


This category of players acts with too much impulse and less thought. Therefore, they will often rush to sign-up to the first company that catches their eye. This is without first checking to see whether it is legit.

These are the individuals who will be lured easily by so good to be true bonuses and promotions.

Usually named from their somewhat reckless character which makes them jump into actions without forethought, they are at the highest risk of being scammed online.

Are you this kind of an online gambler? If you identify yourself in this category, learn to carefully review the insane bonuses and promotions as most of them come with some strings attached.


These are land-based gamblers who are quite curious about online gambling but are unwilling to play it for real.

Often exhibiting their timid side, they skim the internet surface without quite being able to commit themselves to the required action.


We can also refer to them as the peer-influenced group. This is because they will rush to sign up to any online gaming site just because they heard it from someone say they were good.
Interestingly, this category of online gamblers will commit without first running a quick check to find out if the information received is accurate in the first place!


This is the most reasonable and cautious of the four categories. With investigators, there is no such thing as rushing to commit themselves to a site just because it looks safe. Not even if they have heard from someone else.
They will, hence, take their time to run in-depth research to determine if everything is as it seems. Well, as you can guess, the chances of these online gamblers getting disappointed are rather slim.

Which kind of an online gambler are you?
The most recommended approach is ‘investigative.’

No need to worry, though!
Knowing where you fall is a significant step itself.

Steps to Becoming an Online Gambler

STEP 1: Learn first before getting to Play

Let’s face the facts. If the online gambling platforms were to welcome their players with the precautionary measures they should take, and the risks associated. How many players would take the risk?

Instead, they will use the luring tactic which will convince the new online gambler that their online gambling feature is a ‘get rich quick scheme.’

Unfortunately, as we all know it, that is not always the case.

To do that, they will sugar-coat their offers to fit the most desired appeal hence drawing attention to human darkest gambling desires, among them–GREED! After all, who would not fancy some quick cash?

So, to capture your attention, they will offer players irresistible promotions and bonuses. These include free dollars on sign-up, VIP tiers with more attractive odds and deals, and prizes ranging from free TV sets, computers, to mention a few.

It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that any new online gambler would easily be lured, hence fast to forget their fears.

After the company has achieved that, it will be pretty easy to now convince the new player to make their first deposit–which, incidentally, is their primary aim.

You can imagine what will happen afterward for any new player who does not understand how to play such games. That brings us to our core rule: learn first and play later.

That, however, should not be as difficult as you would expect it to be. Follow these few simple steps and you should be okay:

1. Always Check to See if the Site is Reputable

As aforementioned, the best approach is always an investigative one.
You will, therefore, come to realize that the time spent to research the legitimacy of the gambling site could save you a fortune later!

Before rushing to sign-up to a site you found to be lucrative, attempt to see what other players are saying. As you will come to notice, there will always be a player out there willing to share their testimony.

However, you should still be careful not to fall for the generic reviews.

Luckily, there’s more than a dozen websites offering real reviews, including some high-profile magazines providing the same.
Casino Player and Gambling Online are some publications that pride themselves in sharing unbiased scoop in gambling topics.

If you are having doubts, you can always sign-up to the popular gambling portals, chat rooms, and forums where real-life online players meet to discuss various gambling topics.
William Hill Casino Club and Jackpot City Online Casino are some gambling portals which offer online players this chance.

2. Find out Whether the Site Practically Fits Your needs

One reason the online gambling topic is diverse is because the audience has different tastes and preferences.
Whereas some online players are drawn to the diversity—i.e., playing blackjack, poker, scraps, and other sports, it is not quite the case with other players.

It is, therefore, common to find another group which is only interested in one range of games — for instance, Bingo. So, regardless of how you found reviews of a particular site to be appealing, if it doesn’t match you taste, walk away.

3. Experience for Yourself

We often say that experience is the best teacher. Well, that’s much the case as an online gambler–but make sure you have all the discussed preconditions set before you take the plunge!

After narrowing down your preferred sites and confirming their legitimacy, test the experience by exploring features such as graphics quality.
How comfortable are you while navigating and playing on the site?

Similarly, how is their customer service? You can try contacting them to see how fast they reply and if they are of any help at all.
Supposing you came across an assistant hesitant to answer your questions, was disinterested, and probably just plain rude. Why would you even give the respective site any second thought?

The first-hand experience gives you all the required closure. For a great customer service experience try William Hill Casino Club.

STEP 2: Registration and Banking: Deposit and Withdrawal Options for an Online Gambler


With all the preconditions set, the remaining step is for you to set-up an account, deposit funds, and enjoy the thrill.

During registration as an online gambler, they require you to fill in some necessary information. It can include your name, email address, billing options, usernames, and passwords. This is for the sole purpose of giving you and you only the access to your account.

It is always advisable to use the correct details so you don’t have problems afterward. Especially during verification which is a pre-requisite before you can be able to withdraw your winnings.

Normally, the registration process is often simple and straightforward.
You may, however, want to find out whether the gambling company supports players from your region before setting up an account.


After successful registration, most online gambling sites allow their visitors to play their games for free as they acquaint themselves with the game play features available.

Referred to as a demo account, they mean it for entertainment and practice purposes. Because of this, the winnings are not withdrawable. Once the user feels he/she has garnered enough experience, they can then switch to a real play option where they can now be able to withdraw their winnings.

Depositing Funds

Because of the stiff competition, you find that most online casinos offer banking options that are pretty much universal.
Once logged in, head over to the cashier options where you will see the deposit options available to you.

Although credit and debit cards are the most available options, it is likely that you will find international deposit options such as Neteller and even sometimes Bitcoin options.
The more the options, the easier your deposit experience.

It is also important to note that depending on the banking options you pick, you may have to fill out some paperwork. Although it is often used as a form of verification by the casino, it also goes a long way to protect your funds too.

In most cases, it only takes a couple of minutes for the deposited amount to reflect on the cashier tab.

Withdrawing Funds

With the withdrawal options, always check to see that the options work best for you. The time it takes for you to receive the winnings also vary with the withdrawal options you choose. Whereas some may take only a couple of hours, sometimes it may take days–or even weeks- before receipt.

Online gamblers should be cautious about how they handle their online banking information because they might easily fall into the wrong hands.
It is always advisable not to share sensitive passwords with anybody.

In conclusion, always check to see that your connection is secure. Don’t forget to log out of your accounts after a session. Happy gambling!

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