A Game Addict Catchphrase “I’ll Nail It This Time!”

We believe you share our love for games. Don’t mind us, as if there is anyone who doesn’t love games. If you are anything like us, then you are a game addict. No matter your personality, there are games that will interest you and have you glued to the phone or laptop.

You stay awake at night because you are close to completing a mission or finishing a level. Then you lose when the mission is almost complete. You go nuts but you start over again. You tell yourself, “I’ll nail it this time!”. But you lose, again! And you start all over. Rinse and repeat. By the time you know it, you’ve spent several hours of your life on the game.

What Makes Games Addictive?

Have you ever wondered why you are so addicted to the games you play? What makes the games addictive? What makes you want to punch a wall when you lose? And what makes you spend hours on a game?

Now, you are starting to ask yourself those questions. Asking yourself why you are a game addict? And the answer to the questions is the game designers.

Creating a game isn’t an easy task. A lot of effort is put into the game to provide the final product you so much love and enjoy. The best games are challenging. They are not so simple you just have an easy stroll across levels and they are not too difficult you are stuck in a place for eternity.

Games allow you enough success and that’s why they are interesting and rewarding.

We could dive into what makes games addictive, the science, psychology and all. But we can’t cover all that in one blog posts or two or three. So we’ll just keep it simple and talk about a few broad categories here. We’re sure you’ll be no stranger to some of these techniques as they are present in the games you play.

The High Score

Ah, the famous high score. A feature in games that makes you want to outdo yourself or a friend. And this is one of the reasons why you are so addicted to games. The feeling of putting your name or initials next to a new high score is out of this world.
And that feeling when you miss your high score by a small margin is…..You know it too well.

Beating The Game (The ultimate challenge for every game addict)

Who doesn’t love a good storyline? Some games are addictive because the designers have created a good and compelling storyline that just keeps you playing out of curiosity. You are eager to see how the story ends and you just have to keep playing and playing until you finish the game.
Pretty smart from the designers, right?

Role Playing

Just like God created man in his own image, some gamers love creating characters in their own image too. They shape the character into perfection. And with that comes a lot of emotional investment and attachment.

Then comes the need to protect the character, the need to guide the character to glory and domination and the never ending need to improve the character.
You need to play Monster Hunter or talk to someone who plays the game to truly understand what I’m talking about.

Discovery (The joy of every game addict)

Game designers are smart. They create unlockables that keeps you playing in a bid to unlock them. Unlockable varies among games and could be a weapon, an enhancement, more game characters and so on.

Remember the hours you spent on Need For Speed and Asphalt just because you want to unlock the fastest and coolest cars? Now, you get it.

Relationships (Reward for every game addict)

People bond over several things; movies, sports, songs and games! Yes, gaming is an excellent way to bond with people and express yourself. And this leads to the creation of your ‘Tribe’ which is a community of like-minded gamers.

You keep playing the game and coming back for more because it’s a way of bonding with your people. And in so doing, you become a game addict. Haha, it’s not as bad as it may sound.


Some games inspire creativity and make you ‘think outside the box’. It’s possible you do something that’s not been done and that feeling is just heavenly.

Also, completing a very difficult task or saving the world is very satisfying and makes you want more of the game.

That’s all for this post. There are many more but let’s stop here for now. Which of these techniques do you recognise?

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